When Noble laureate HIV researcher Luc Montagnier discovered that certain bacterial and viral DNA sequences dissolved in water causes. Authors:Luc Montagnier, Emilio Del Giudice, Jamal Aïssa, Claude the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by. To cite this article: L Montagnier et al J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. Abstract. Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency.

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How could this be ignored — is Montagnier simply being dismissed as a liar?

UNESCO to host meeting on controversial ‘memory of water’ research

Registration is free, quick and easy. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova was originally scheduled to make the opening remarks but canceled her participation last week because of an agenda conflict, says Crowley, who will replace her.

Young James P. Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The same results were obtained from their extracted DNA. In NovemberRobert registered a patent for the process of homing in on a “biochemical element presenting a biological activity through the analysis of low-frequency electromagnetic signals.

Regularly updated and packed full of articles, podcasts and videos, there montagnieg no better way to keep in touch with the chemical sciences. Prospects for the Future”. InMontagnier published two controversial research studies [4] that some homeopaths claimed as support for homeopathy.

Although Montagnier disputed any such support, [5] many scientists greeted his claims with scorn and harsh criticism. In one experiment, the EM signals were similar in suspensions of E.

Too often those involved with creating potential alternative futures have no means of entering the relatively private room of pioneering scientists. They took the solution of the culture medium with all the bacteria filtered off. The publications immediately followed scientific comments and criticisms on the credibility of the purported phenomenon, as well as the authenticity of the research. The experiment is more sophisticated.


Rainbow And The Worm, The: Philip Ball wrote an analysis about Montgnier work in Chemistry Worldstating “It looks like one of the most astonishing discoveries in a century, yet it was almost entirely ignored. The meeting has so far raised little public opposition from researchers, but the announcement on UNESCO’s website acknowledges its controversial nature, saying:.

Retrieved 4 June And yet we detect a signal.

Opinion Gene-editing put in the spotlight 19 December What now after a rogue geneticist has created the first genetically modified humans? While homeopaths claim his research as support for homeopathy, many scientists have greeted it with scorn and harsh criticism.

How else may I subscribe? Now for the most crucial test: All comments are moderated. Montagnier and his team examined samples taken from Rozenbaum’s AIDS patients and found the virus that would later become known as HIV in a lymph node biopsy.

January 18 December Your views on textbooks, terminology and tailoring. Perhaps it might help to stop pretending montafnier science works as the books say it does.

Today it is agreed that Montagnier’s group first isolated HIV, [12] but Gallo’s montagnler is credited with discovering that the virus causes AIDS and with generating much montwgnier the science that made the discovery possible, including a technique previously developed by Gallo’s lab for growing T cells in the laboratory.

Retrieved 20 October A team led by Robert Gallo of the United States published similar findings in the same issue of Science monfagnier later confirmed the discovery of the virus and lux evidence that it caused AIDS.

Montagnier says the issue is actually getting less controversial as fresh evidence for his claims is coming in. But science judges results, not people, right?

Now, new results from his lab appear to show that the DNA sequence itself could be reconstituted from the electromagnetic signal. Add your comment above.

Retrieved 2 June InMontagnier and his collaborators published a paper titled “Electromagnetic signals are produced by aqueous nanostructures derived from bacterial DNA sequences” in which they showed that bacterial DNA montganier produce electromagnetic signal EMS that is transferred through the cell culture medium.


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[] Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves

To link your comment to your profile, sign in now. Michael Godfrey Comment left 20th July That marked the beginning of a long series of investigations on how DNA behaves in water, which led to the discovery that the M. Guess who the chairman of the editorial board is: Make of this what you will; the real issue here is that it all looks puzzling, even prejudiced, to outsiders, who understandably cannot fathom why a startling claim by a distinguished scientist is apparently just being brushed aside.

Living with the Fluid Genome. On request, Montagnier’s group had sent a sample of this culture to Gallo, not knowing it contained montxgnier viruses. It then contaminated the pooled culture on which Gallo was working. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Before the publication of Chang’s results, Gallo’s lab was accused and initially found guilty of “minor misconduct” by the Office of Scientific Integrity inand then by the newly created Office of Research Integrity in for the misappropriation of a sample of HIV produced at the Pasteur Institute.

No third party has replicated the findings as of March When asked if he wasn’t “worried that your colleagues will think you have drifted into pseudo-science? Paul Krugman United States. It is good to be informed.