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So, this CD benefits from the fact that it is released seven years after the famous Belgium Concert. Finally, a legal opportunity to listen to pieces still unreleased on CD. We love the strength that his music shows,the romance, and the continueous flow of his ability gives my sons the ambition to progress further as musicians.

Dead Sangrral Chest Adam Saunders: Nowadays you need to keep yourself updated every single minute, because what you have learned yesterday, will be obsolete by tomorrow. I would like to perfoming kyrie for the magdalene with my chamber choir. That means the “music” exists already in all fantastic forms in every head almost every i think.

Chevalier de sangreal arrangement by Samuele Mamola

When there is a scene, you need to spot it yourself, with you own mind, you need to spend time thinking of ideas, and then you need to be able to put all those idea into real music.


For this type of movie they would need a “wilder” composer.

Apart from creating a capturing tune, you need to compose for one hell of a big orchestra. But it is the great art to focus it in its perfect form. I’m again particularely thinking of scores like for instance Crimson Tide So again, considering his adrenaline-pumping score for Fury Road, I think Junkie XL is definitely a name that’s been mentioned in the Bad Boys offices Svatapluk Cech Cello on “Green Card”: Tracks like ‘Resurrected Man’ are really great. Damn you’re so FU Will and Martin are back and the two guys directing the film are obviously huge fans of the first two movies.

Technology makes things faster and more comfortable in certain ways. Who thinks that because nowadays we have technology, the art of music composition and arrangement is easy and talentless. Best song is Chevaliers de sangreal But I think we all know that’s never gonna happen.

They could easily end up surprising everyone and hire a guy we’ve never even heard of Looking forward to this one as well. Lorne – as much as we joke about him getting everything nowadays – I really can’t see him doing a Bad Boys movie. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting Junkie XL.


Sheet music | MuseScore

As to the pure orchestral adaptations, one can’t but be enthousiastic about the way they reflect the original one. In a nutshell, a wonderful performance from which the Lion King and The Prince Of Egypt are excluded, to have a first comprehensive approach of the composer’s work. Each comment can be possibly edited or deleted to ensure it is suitable for public presentation.

Maybe Hans Zimmer himself!!! Write your own comment here in english please This zone is only to post comment, not to ask for CD downloading, copying or trading! I think this score is more interesting in orchestration and has a better thematic identity.

Dear Hans, your music make feel me better, i cannot describe it with words. You sangresl gonna make me puke. Where could I buy it? I’ve never heard so marvellous African music.

Need to say only one thing.

Or go as big as they can and just hire Hans and Steve! I think many people feel like me. Any thoughts on the matter, folks?

I don’t understand you, Annie, how could you say something like that.