BP ENERGEAR HT 75W90, GL1/5, 1л. ₽. Количество. В корзину. Категория: Uncategorized. Описание; Отзывы (0). BP ENERGEAR HT 80W BP INTERNATIONAL, PANGBOURNE, READING/ GB. BP ENERGEAR SHX-M SAE 75W BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL. axles of modern pas sanger cars. Wed, 31 Oct GMT Synthetic. Limited-Slip Hypoid G ear. Oil SAE 75W – BP – BP. Energear HT grades are.

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Maximum protection against corrosion and wear. Ukraine, Kiev View map. Excellent protection against corrosion and wear results in less maintenance. Main Benefits Excellent heat transfer properties, which can be maintained over long periods of time.

Applications Energrease HTG 2 is suitable for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings of all sizes and types at high temperature, such as in carriages for hardening, drying in tunnel ovens, also in bearings of bitumen mixing plants, cranes in foundries, hot air blowers, etc. Outstanding load-carrying and anti-wear properties for superior protection against wear Good protection against rust and corrosion leading to longer equipment life, reduced downtime and reduced maintenance costs Reduced consumption and lower lubricant costs arising from the good adhesive nature of jt product Minimal impact on the environment because of the absence of lead, nitrite and solvent Energol OGL is suitable for the most arduous conditions and has excellent pumpability and sprayability giving improved lubrication and reduced energy consumption.

Applications The Energrease LS-EP greases are intended for use enwrgear plain and enegrear bearings of all kinds of machinery – including electric motors. Bartran oils display high performance characteristics with outstanding ultra fine filterability.

Energol GR-XP is classified as follows:. Where high temperatures are combined with high speed, more frequent re-greasing or 75d-90 change is necessary. Energol TH-HT exceeds the performance hr of the following turbine oil specifications: The HLP -HM range is fully compatible with the elastomers materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as: Applications BP Turbo Oil is recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft helicopter eneregar in commercial and military service.


Applications The grades in this range meet the lubrication requirements of steam turbines, but are also suitable for gas turbines and compressors.

Autran MBX is recommended for most power shift transmissions, power energera and hydraulic units. The field is wrongly filled. Excellent antiwear characteristics provide outstanding protection against piston, cylinder wear and scuffing. Jt good viscosity characteristics ensure that starting torques are not excessive in cold conditions. For synchronized manual gearboxes, they should be used only if lubricants of API GL-5 performance level are explicitly recommended for such units.

Users of this oil have been enjoying cleaner engines, i.

Oil BP Energear HT 75W-90 1L synthetics

With their low carbon-formation tendencies and high oxidation resistance, they can also be used in circulatory systems of plain and rolling bearings operating at high temperatures – as in paper-making machinery. Zinc-free formulation minimizes blockage of 57w-90 in the presence of water, and ensures excellent filterability and lubricant cleanliness.

The high degree of oxidation resistance of BP Turbo Oil permits long periods of operation without significant increase in viscosity or total acidity. Greases for electrical machines. It eenergear provides the relatively high viscosity and load carrying characteristics necessary for heavy duty drive axles and transfercases.

The message must not be more than symbols. All air must be completely vented from the system before full temperature is imposed. The grades in this range are formulated to meet the demanding hp of major turbine manufacturers and this is supported by extensive service experience.

It is applicable equally for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, agricultural and building machinery, even for topping up well run-in hypoid transmission units.

The advanced extreme pressure additive system not only provides high load carrying capacity, but was designed to provide microscopic wear protection. Applications These lubricants have been designed to provide htt high level of performance in air compressors working in severe conditions of duty. They contain no solvent or diluent and pose minimal environmental concern.


To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. Applications Energrease L 21 M is intended for general lubrication applications of vehicles and off-highway equipment.

Oil BP Energear HT 75W 1L synthetics buy in Kiev

Description The lubricants in this range are formulated from blended alkylated benzene synthetic base stocks, and incorporate additives that give extended oil life and machine cleanliness when used in refrigerator compressors, particularly where ammonia is the refrigerant.

Turbinol X -EP is formulated to provide extra load carrying performance for geared turbine applications. Applications For use as a transformer, switchgear and circuit breaker oil which conforms to ut international specification IEC – Class 1, which is the equivalent to BS Lubricants for vehicle’s loaded mechanisms. Bartran oils are suitable for a wide range of other applications requiring high levels of anti -wear and anti-oxidation performance e.

Main Benefits Good load carrying capability Corrosion resistance Resistance to wash-off by water Good enwrgear and resistance to vibration. Suitability for systems incorporating both heating and cooling branches. I agree with privacy policiesregarding confidential data and user agreement. They may be used for the lubrication of spur and helical gears and in some lightly loaded worm type gear applications. Description Transcal LT is a high quality mineral oil combining low vapour pressure, and high levels of thermal stability, specific heat and thermal conductivity with exceptional low temperature fluidity.

Description A pure hydrocarbon oil specially refined and blended from selected crude oils to comfortably surpass the limiting values of the international specifications IEC – Class 1, and the British National specification BS